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Commercial Websites

When it comes to building web pages, Lightbolt Marketing LLC has a long experience with more than 100 web pages built for small local businesses, Infrastructure Companies, Construction Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Auditing Companies, Hotels and Travel Agencies, Media Portals etc.

Having a website for your business is very important because in the first place you have an online presence in Google and other Search Engines, plus the chance of being found by potential customers looking for your services is very high. Through your web site, you build a strong online reputation compared to your competitors. We offer pixel perfect websites and creative designs, responsive on all devices and optimized for Google Search and other search engines.

The development of the websites we build is efficient, with a high functionality, which includes various modules built, depending on the type of business and many other functions so that your business can provide efficient customer service and a digital experience to remember.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Online Stores

Today we live in the digital age where the internet is one of the main links in human life. For this reason your physical store must also fit into this system if you want to succeed compared to competitors. Through the online store you can sell all your products more easily than ever worldwide.

We build E-Commerce with a perfect design, with maximum security, high functionality and easy to use, both on mobile and desktop.

What is included in your E-Commerce online store?

  • Opportunity to buy with debit / credit card, PayPal etc.
  • Data security.
  • Very easy way to shop.
  • Personalized account for the client and rich in options.
  • Reduced prices for products, coupons and offers.
  • Sales reports.
  • SEO optimization and much more.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Mobile Apps

If you are looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best mobile app developers are at your service. We offer iOS and Android mobile application development services in order to reach your customers on their favorite devices. We always find the right balance between price, quality and project requirements, so that we can offer the best solution for you.

We offer:

  • iOS Development.
  • Android Development.
  • Windows app development.
  • Hybrid / Cross Platform application development.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Web Applications

We help our clients achieve total efficiency and independence through web applications. Our projects include the latest technologies such as PHP, Java, Javascript, Python, C# etc.

We offer our customers reliable web applications that can be used from the first day of implementation. Experience and dedication ensure that projects are delivered to our clients within the set time and budget.

Why should you trust the development of your web application to our team:

Our developers will help you choose the best technology for your project. We will offer productive, attractive and reliable solutions that bring the results you deserve for your business. Our team guides you through the entire development process and provides reports at every stage of the development. Our team provides a codebase that allows for further growth and is simply integral with other systems and third party services (REST API). Security for users and data, are at the highest standards.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Digital Marketing

Being online through a website does not mean that your business is safe from new customers. The biggest mistake that many businesses make is because they stop at building a website and do not advance to the digital marketing service, which includes many links and digital channels making it possible to properly display products or services only to those customers who are genuinely interested in these products.

Lightbolt Marketing LLC offers maximum quality services in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Marketing.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Business Branding

Your business identity encompasses a wide range of elements and is the first point which identifies your image as unique.

We offer:

  • Logo Design & Brand Book.
  • Business Card Design.
  • Product Packing Design.
  • Other design services such as menus design, brochures design, flyers design etc.

We are happy to hear your idea
and to help you turn it into a project.

Our Work Flow

We are very careful when we accept your projects. We seek for professionalism, details and a smooth process.


Our team of Design, Marketing and Programming will check your project in depth. From a detailed strategy, a mockup will be created and by your approval, we will take it to the next step.


Design and Development

From PSD to code! We keep your project developed inside a dedicated team, so your idea, or ours, will never get lost through its path.



After some phases of testing and analytics, we will have you here to push the rocket button.


Have a Project in mind ?

Feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do for you or your business.

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